Twitter Resources

Click here to download the Tweeting Multiethnic Graphic Narratives handout, and click here to sign up and log in to Twitter. And remember to always include #hongcomics at the end of all your tweets related to our class!

For general help with Twitter, check out these online resources:

Let me know if you have any issues with Twitter. Some of you may find that your tweets don’t show up when you search our hashtag #hongcomics. This could be for a number of reasons (check out “Help with Twitter search”). For some of you, it’s probably because your account is brand new and doesn’t have a ton of activity yet, so Twitter doesn’t know you’re a legit account. Just keep tweeting, re-tweeting, mentioning and responding to other Twitter users. If you follow Twitter Search rules and restrictions, your tweets will eventually start showing up in searches.

You should also try the following:

  • Make sure you confirmed the email address connected to your Twitter account.
  • Complete your profile, with a full name, bio, photo, etc.
  • Go to Settings > Security and privacy > Tweet privacy, and make sure “Protect my Tweets” is unchecked.
  • Contact Twitter directly for help.

In the meantime, one way I’ll keep track of all your tweets will be to add you all to this Twitter list for our class. I recommend you subscribe!

Welcome to #hongcomics!

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