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Research Tips + Sample Lit Reviews

Some research tips:

  • Vary your search terms and use different combinations of keywords. For example, comics and race; “graphic narrative” and “Asian American”; “graphic memoir” and postmemory.
  • I often begin by using WorldCat.org, Google Books, and Google Scholar. These sites help cast wide nets, and then you can narrow your search and check if sources are available through our library.
  • The QC Libraries homepage is also a good place to start.
  • Appropriate sources include scholarly books (or chapters of books) from the fields of comics studies, race/ethnic studies, literary/cultural criticism, etc.; scholarly journal articles on your text(s) or topic; theoretical works on key concepts or issues you’re addressing; critical magazine and newspaper articles; interviews; book reviews; reference materials; and scholarly/critical websites. You’re welcome to use any of the secondary readings on the syllabus or course blog.

For the literature review:

Your literature reviews for the final project are due on Tuesday, April 16. For general tips on how to write a lit review, click here and here. And don’t forget to cite correctly in MLA style–I strongly encourage you to get a copy of the 8th edition of the MLA Handbook (check out the Purdue OWL for a good updated guide to MLA).

Here are a few articles with sample lit review sections:

Moynihan’s “‘Watch me go invisible’: Representing Racial Passing in Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece’s Incognegro (see pages 46-47 on comics & race + pages 47-48 on racial passing)

Balce’s “Laughter Against the State” (see the section on “The Politics of Humor, Comedy, and Postcolonial Satire,” pages 51-54)

Suarez’s “Maternal Diasporas and Posthuman Subjectivity” (see section “Beyond The Subject-Effect of Humanism,” pages 77-78)

And here is a sample lit review assignment on Asian American family and transracial adoption.

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